It’s Been A While…

So, its been almost a year since I last wrote a blog post and that is a long time to bottle up all those thoughts, debates and annoying little niggles in my head. Since then a lot has happened, I've lost friends, made new friends and even got a new job (technically) but the biggest... Continue Reading →


Life Is A Test

Sometimes I feel like life is a test. Not the tests we had in high school, like what school shoes you needed to fit in, or which hair style you could get away with. I mean the tests that make you really question how you will get to the other side of the sh*t you're... Continue Reading →

Having a fat day, everyday.

  We all have those days, where we wake  up feeling a little more bloated than the night before. Those days where our pants are more snug around the waist and those days where we look and feel like a potato... but what if that is everyday? In today's climate we are forced to look... Continue Reading →

Birchbox Review

So last year I was at Selfridges in Manchester and came across a pop up stall called Birchbox. I got a small box, with a few samples in that I got to choose from the stand. After this I researched into the brand and found that you can get monthly boxes ( a bit like... Continue Reading →

To My Ex-Friends

Following on from my university blog post, I realised that I have a lot of ex-friends. According to The Urban Dictionary an ex-friend is "A person who you were once friends with, but are no longer friends with, usually due to some kind of an argument." In some cases this is exactly what happened, but... Continue Reading →

My Not So Normal Life at University

University - parties, alcohol, boys, girls, late nights, missed lectures and new friends.... HA what a lie.. it really isn't all that. I started uni at Leeds Met, now Leeds Beckett, in September 2012. I had left sixth form, left my solid set of friends from primary school behind me (even though a couple went to... Continue Reading →

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