Hey There… Whoever you may be…

Welcome to this blog of random posts, debates and personal day to day goings on. Whether you have come across this blog for no apparent reason at all or you searched for it, I welcome you to read it all.

As a content writer in my 9-5 job, my passion for writing grew and I needed somewhere to put it all. Aside from ranting at my boyfriend every day and being restless with a head full of thoughts, I thought why not use this little thing I have called a Mac and write it all for someone else to read.

The majority of this is probably the most boring stuff EVER, but hey, we’ve all got to start somewhere I guess. Be gentle with me, I am new to this, but thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy ride.


This is me. I’m 22 and look about 12 without any make up, which is usually everyday. I graduated about a year ago, and was lucky to fall right into a job doing exactly what I want, writing. With interests in make up, TV series, the colour grey and FOOD I find myself to be a pretty average person with a weird, and sometimes annoying, sense of humour. This blog will hopefully touch upon them all at the same time as opening up thoughts of your own.

That’s it for now, thanks again for reading this, and wish me luck!


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