Date Night in Manchester

There is something special about staying in a hotel. Whether the room is £49 a night or £490 a night, you still feel an element of surprise and luxury just being away from home. This element of luxury was taken to the next level when I stayed at the Raddison Blu in Manchester with my boyfriend.

It was a gloomy Thursday, I was at work, and my boyfriend asked me what I was up to Friday. I obviously said nothing, as I never really have exciting plans on a weekend other than sleeping and eating, and he said well we’re going away. We quite often spend time in Manchester as we love the area and know the shops very well so he booked us a 1 night stay at the Raddison Blue as a surprise. So, Friday came and I was picked up from work, chauffeured to Manchester ( ha ha ) and told to relax.

We’ve been together for 3 years now, with a minor gap in between, and I believe that keeping it fresh is vital to stay happy, so we often go out and do random things to have fun. We usually go bowling, get a different takeaway or just try out a new restaurant in the area so this date night was different from the rest, and clearly more expensive!


From the open glass entrance hall to the shiny reception desks and even right down to the personal ice machine on each floor, this hotel just oozes luxury. After checking in we headed up to our room which was on the 14th (top) floor. Even the lifts were fancy, being controlled by your key card to make sure you were a guest in the hotel before gaining access to the rooms.

Once we got to our floor we were instantly greeted by amazing views across Manchester. 13617548_10210807207922648_359361075_n.jpg

Then we saw the room. WOW.

Being young, with no house and no kids we quite often go away for short breaks and hotel stays but this one is one of my favourites. The decor, the bed, the shower and just everything about this hotel was great.


Once we had explored the room and what it had to offer we went out for tea. We headed down the road to Red’s, a favourite place of ours from when I stayed at Uni. After polishing off a cocktail or two and this massive burger (well half) we headed back to the hotel with a bottle of wine in hand ready to chill out.13599796_10210805407037627_7034104194966236471_n

When we got back, the maids had been into our room and made the bed ready for us to jump in which personally has never been done at any other hotel I have stayed at. This just added to all of the personal touches this hotel provides including the dressing gowns, slippers, ice bucket, water, mini bar and everything you could ever need in the bathroom.


With little packets of ear buds, cotton wool buds, a hair dryer, pump bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, body lotion, shower caps, sewing kits, nail files and various sized towels there was really nothing we needed that we didn’t have.

We even got the chance to go for a sauna, steam room and swim in the morning before checking out. I didn’t use the gym facilities but they looked great and the changing rooms were kitted out with beauty stations, GHD’s, large lighted mirrors and comfy chairs, what’s not to love?

I can’t wait to go back here in the future, it is definitely worth the price and I advise everyone have a stay here at some point. For a date night, this really was pushing the boat out, so where to next?


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