I live by the sea, but there is nothing to see.

Morecambe. Population 34,768. Thriving seaside resort in the mid 20th century and now…? Well… who knows.


The hustle and bustle of Morecambe quickly declined after the loss of two piers, Bubbles and Frontierland, and has ever since fallen into remission to become a somewhat ghost town.

As a 22 year old living in the area, there isn’t really much to do. Sure you can go for a few drinks down Queen Street, find some nice food spots with a view and have all of your friends and family within reaching distance, but what else is the attraction to such a sh*t hole?

Having lived here all of my life with a brief gap in Leeds in for Uni, I often ask myself why did I come back. All anybody ever does is slate the place, so what drew me back here, and what makes me want to stay.


Although some may disagree and say we are being overrun by the polish and everyone is on the dole, I stick around for the people. Don’t get me wrong there are some questionable characters that roam around the West End and the Prom but without them, would Morecambe even be Morecambe.

It is so easy to be negative about where we live, the smells, the people, the condition of housing, the costs of living, the areas, and activities available but if we all actually looked at what we had, it really ‘aint all that bad.

I personally love living in Morecambe. Yeah it smells in some areas, and there are certain streets you don’t walk down on a dark night alone but all of the positives make it worth while.

The fresh sea air, the endless bric-a-brac shops, the ice cream vans that grew old with you and the ever changing promenade that holds memories for everyone. We might have to wait all year for a vintage summer festival or a kite show but sit tight, enjoy your company around you, and make the most of what you’ve got, after all, it could always be worse, couldn’t it?


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