Kiko Milano Eyeshadows

Around a year ago I headed to the Trafford Centre in Manchester and found a little shop called Kiko Milano. At the time it was crazy busy and I just didn’t have the patience to look around but I did notice some really good deals on make up.

I went back to the Trafford Centre on Saturday and the shop was busy, but bearable so i dived in head first with my basket and got everything I possibly could. There was a sale on some items, 50% off, 70% off and more but it was impossible to get through to these sections!

I came across these 4 eyeshadows, amongst some other things, that work together to create a warm smokey eye with a hint of sparkle. At only £1.40 per eyeshadow these are an absolute steal and amazing quality for such a low price.


The first one is a brown/ burgundy colour that has a slight shimmer and is number 133.

The second is a bright orange colour that works perfect with the shimmers in the brown and is number 138.

The third is the gold which is high shimmer, high opacity and number 102.

Finally the green, which is matte, no shimmer at all and creates the perfect base for a warm smokey eye. This is number 115.


All of the shadows come in their own box and the packaging just creates the perfect finish. The little pop button on each individual shadow makes for easy opening and closing so that it stays in perfect condition for as long as possible.


Although I love everything about these eyeshadows and they are only £1.40 each, they are not highly pigmented like they say they are. The photo above shows the shadows on my arm, I am ginger and very pale skinned so should up in high definition, but they aren’t as bright as hoped.

I suppose for only paying £1.40 a shadow they are actually good for what you pay for, but I can’t help compare them to the Urban Decay Naked Shadows I use every day. If you are looking for a cheap shadow that you can build up then these are perfect, but if you are an aid makeup user who loves strong pigments, these are maybe not for you.


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