The Dreaded 3 Letter Word… BRA

Bras… we all wear them, well, the majority of the time. We all spend fortunes on them every year and yet we all still love that feeling of taking them off at the end of the day…. so why do we do it to ourselves?!

I don’t think I’m just speaking for myself here when I say I buy at least 1-2 bras a month, maybe more if ann summers have a sale on, just because I like the look of them. Even though they look nice, they don’t always fit well, am I right?

A bra is an essential to a women’s wardrobe and yes there are women out there who choose to go bra free, and that is completely their choice, but we have to admit, some clothes look better with a bra, than without. We’ve all experienced the brisk spring breeze with a white top every once in a while hey…

So although we do nothing but complain about the price, the discomfort and the pain of picking which bra for which outfit, we still fuel a hell of a lot of money into the bra industry. For example, the american bra industry is worth $6.5 Billion.. yes… billion… an astonishing amount of money for something we all throw on the floor at the end of a long day.

But why do they cost so much?

Well.. if you’re looking at Victoria Secrets bras you’re probably going to need to take a loan out to get every style you need. With various styles, fits, accessories and strap choice you have to have at least three basic styles to get through basic life (in my opinion).

  • strapless
  • t-shirt
  • sexy


These three styles can see you through the day, into the evening dress and then onto your sexy side for late nights (cringe). But there are so many other styles that we simply feel the need to buy, for those just in case moments!

  • backless
  • stick on
  • cross strap
  • multiway
  • plunge
  • lace
  • sports bra
  • full cover
  • underwired
  • no wire
  • balcony
  • and don’t forget the push ups that add at least 2 cup sizes.. (you know the ones I mean)

Just like tampons and sanitary towels the industry see a bra as an essential to a female… so like all things essential.. the prices increase. To get a decent bra the average price is around £20.. you’re lucky if you get matching knickers. If you are small busted, like myself, you can grab a cheap bra that might last a few months from Primark before the straps go slack, but if you are blessed with larger breasts finding a decent bra can not only be a quest but a massive struggle without breaking the bank.


Then there is the problem of once you have found the one you can afford, finding the size that fits. We all know that a 34C in Ann Summers is not the same as a 34C in Boux Avenue, which just makes the whole process harder! If only bra shopping was as easy as buying boxers for boys.. one size fits all! (well at least they think that anyway). 

Over time the prices of each bra you buy all adds up and if we really looked at how much we spent we would surely burn them all and go bra free? Wrong… Women still and always will wear a bra, the security and strength of pushing them bad boys up gives some women confidence and who are we to take that away!

If you love going bra free, then embrace it, but if you love wearing a lacy bra with matching thong while you do your daily shop, you go girl!


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