My Not So Normal Life at University

University – parties, alcohol, boys, girls, late nights, missed lectures and new friends…. HA what a lie.. it really isn’t all that.

I started uni at Leeds Met, now Leeds Beckett, in September 2012. I had left sixth form, left my solid set of friends from primary school behind me (even though a couple went to Leeds also) and packed my life up into the back of my dad’s car. My mum, my dad, my two brothers and me set off on the long journey to Leeds and I had never been so excited in my whole life to finally say goodbye to Morecambe and hello to a brand new city I had only visited one.

I had no fears, no boyfriend, nothing holding me down and the world was my oyster (excuse the bad line). First stop on the list was Opal, my student flat. I had found my flatmates on Facebook beforehand and me and the other girl arranged to move in on the same day. Megan.

Now, Megan was nothing like she said she was (the real life catfish). She told me she was excited for freshers, couldn’t wait to go out and had a bottle of wine for us for the first night. So I get there and Megan is moving in, quick awkward hello in the corridor, unpacked my stuff, said the teary goodbye to mum and dad, got back to my room and in the blink of an eye burst in to tears.

They’d gone. This was it now, me and my own room, my own bathroom, in Leeds, on my own. AHHHH. My only option for company at this moment in time was Megan, so I headed into the kitchen, got to grips with the TV and waited for her to come in.

Soon enough she ventured into the kitchen, we had a quick and awkward small talk conversation and then she opened the fridge, got out the wine, got 1 glass, and went back to her room….. Wow, am I really that boring? As you can imagine, I was shocked, significantly bored and still very much alone.

The first thing I did after this was get myself back on Facebook and found people in my block who were also on their own and thats when I met Daisy.


(Me and Daisy Blue)

Daisy Blue, we called her this because she always had either blue or some kind of crazy coloured hair which differentiated her from the other Daisy in her flat. ( who would have thought, two daisy’s in one flat). There was also Lucy, who stuck around for the first year but then didn’t get to see much of her after that due to the break down in the solid group we first started with.


(Me and Daisy)


(Me and Lucy)

Now for my first year at uni me and Daisy Blue were inseperable, we just clicked and got each others weird sense of humour and love of big heels. I also had 100% attendance in first year of uni which i’m pretty sure is a record? (I’m really just a nerd). Daisy then started to see Jack, from another flat.



Jack lived two floors up with Will and two girls called Robyn and Christie. So I lived on the bottom floor, Daisy, Daisy and Lucy 3 floors up and then Jack, Will, Christie and Robyn 2 floors up from there. We all did things together, nights out, food shops, messing about and then I would go down to my flat, on my own, on the ground floor. FUN. not.

Christie, an exchange student from Australia was only here for 6 months, so when January came we had a farewell party and I moved up 5 floors into their flat and thats when Uni really ‘started’ for me.


(Me and Christie)

I loved living in the new flat. Family meal times, group shopping, nights out with Jack (even if he did leave me all the time) and we all even met each others families! In the midst of all this new friends came along, friends disappeared and shit really started to go down. The other Daisy (with normal hair) from the girls flat started seeing Will, so two couples, two flats, Robyn, Lucy and me.


(Me and Robyn)

Over the next two years the dynamics changed and couples broke up (as you can imagine). I won’t go into the details on here because it isn’t my story to tell but a lot happened and it created divides in the group. Sadly, I didn’t get to see Daisy Blue as much as I lived with Jack, and then I also didn’t get to see Will a lot after second year, as I lived with Daisy.


(Me and Will)

In this time I grew closer to Robyn, who I am still in touch with today. In our house it was chaotic at times, and a little crazy but we all still had a good time as soon as the music came on (which was a lot thanks to some speakers we had (sorry will) ). With a brief stint from Megan (different megan to first year) our second year house was complete. Me, Daisy, Megan, Robyn and Jack, the Cardigan Lane Veterans who lived to argue like no tomorrow.

I also got a boyfriend at the end of first year, who I am still with today! If living in a chaotic house wasn’t enough, I was also in a long distance relationship as he lived at home. OH and I also had a job! Second year was tough! (maybe thats why I was so skinny haha)


(Jack, Me, Robyn, Daisy and Will)

Then third year. A house just girls, me, Robyn, Daisy and Ellie. As a newby to the bunch we were a little sceptical as we had all been together from the start, but she fitted in perfectly and became a best friend for life.


(Me and Ellie)

I say Ellie is one of the poshest people I know and to this day she still is! But we all got on and third year really was the year you make your friends for life. Although we don’t all still speak on a daily basis, I know that they are on the other end of the phone for a chat whenever.

Of course I can’t forget the friends I made on my course, Zara, ‘my girl’. She was there from first year, right through to graduation and still to this day texts me when she has some gossip. I haven’t managed to see Zara since graduating but I am sure we will meet up soon!


But the best thing to come out of uni, other than my degree, is the friends I made. Yes I may have been a nerd in first year, a loner in second year and a mess in third year, but there was always the people that you need there at the end of the day to eat crap food with and watch rubbish TV.

I personally wouldn’t have made it till the end without these people and I am so glad we still all meet up. My uni experience was probably a lot different from the stereotypical uni life but I loved every second of it and wouldn’t change it for the world, because thats what made me who I am today.

I learnt to stick up for myself, cut out people that I don’t need in my life and create friendships with people I would probably never even look twice at (and not because I’m snotty but because they are so out of my league e.g. Robyn had her own pony!). Now although some friendships may have fallen apart through differences and a lack of communication, Will, Jack, Robyn and Ellie are the people who I keep in touch with the most.


(me, Christie, Robyn, Jack and Will)

Some of us graduated last year and some this year. We’ve all gone or are going on to bigger and better things and into the adult world where it isn’t acceptable to get a dominoes at 3am. (boring hey!)

Anyway, for anyone going to Uni in September I advise to push the boat out, open yourself up and take the first step to making new friends like I did, because I could of easily stayed in my flat waiting around Megan, and never met these awesome bunch of weird people I call my friends. I’m not one to be soppy (and I rarely even hug) but these people are the best, and I am lucky to have shared my Uni experience with them.


(p.s. please don’t be offended if you didn’t get a mention, I made lots of friends and you know who you are, but I couldn’t possibly write about you all)


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