Birchbox Review


So last year I was at Selfridges in Manchester and came across a pop up stall called Birchbox. I got a small box, with a few samples in that I got to choose from the stand. After this I researched into the brand and found that you can get monthly boxes ( a bit like a graze box ) delivered to your house for only £10 ( with £2.25 delivery fee ).

So, of course, I signed up!

My first birch box came today and I am pleasantly surprised! When you sign up it asks you your preferences, what your skin style is and what you are looking for in the boxes. For someone who doesn’t wear a lot of make up regularly, I chose skin care products as my main priority.

Each month you are asked to choose a full size product for your box and you are shown some of the samples you could be getting. This month, July, was sponsored by Millie Mackintosh and included her new lip range. The box also included a full size John Frieda hair product which I got to choose myself from a choice of either a volumising solution or a frizz-ease solution. 13883812_10211053682004346_975215386_n

When I signed up I was also given the chance to get a free box as a somewhat thank you for signing up to their subscription service every month, which is a massive bonus because that means more products for me!


The boxes came in one big blue box that was delivered by Hermes to my door ( I say door it was left on my drive when no one was in – damn you Hermes). Then inside was these two pink boxes (not so light on cardboard if you’re looking after the environment). Then inside each pink box was the actual Birchbox and products!


I was a little confused at first as to which was the box for July and which was the free one but I gathered that the box with the “Exclusive Welcome Gift” voucher was the box I ordered, and the other being free.

In the box I subscribed to I got:

  • John Frieda 7 Day Volume In-Shower Treatment (full size)
  • Nails inc. London, colour Duke Of Wellington (sample size)
  • Siskyn Skincare Oils, Elixir, Lemon and Sea Buckthorn Brightening Night Oil (sample size)
  • Ga-De, Idyllic Soft Satin Eyeshadow in colour 228 Natural (sample size)
  • LOC, Millie Mackintosh, in colour Bohemian Rose (full size)



I haven’t used any of the products yet but I have had a good smell of the oil which smells AMAZING. Check back later for a review of each product when I use them!

In the free box (which I think is the free one) I got:

  • John Frieda 7 Day Volume In-Shower Treatment (full size)
  • Caudalie Paris, Micellar Cleansing Water, Organic grape water and chamomile (sample size)
  • Nails inc. London, in colour Hyde Park (sample size)
  • LOC, Millie Mackintosh, in colour Bohemian Rose (full size)
  • Elemis, Hydra-nourish Night Cream (sample size)



Overall both of these boxes are amazing and opens me up to trying new products I would never normally look twice at in a shop. I can get the chance to try products that I may hate or love and then have the opportunity to buy them online with Birchbox also. I have had numerous emails already with discount vouchers and can’t wait to start buying unique beauty products that are hot on the market and that I know I will like! I also get to tell you, the readers, about products before you buy them!


Birchbox, best day ever.


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