Having a fat day, everyday.


We all have those days, where we wake  up feeling a little more bloated than the night before. Those days where our pants are more snug around the waist and those days where we look and feel like a potato… but what if that is everyday?


In today’s climate we are forced to look at skinny, attractive women every day in magazines, TV ads and all over social media, so it is no wonder that the wide majority of us wake up in the morning feeling fat.

We are all given this sense of ‘normal’ and what we should look like to ‘fit in’ and be seen as ‘attractive’. Yeah it’s easy to say, “don’t follow it”, “be who you want to be” and “eat what you want, just stay healthy” but is it really that easy to follow?

As a media student myself I feel like I know how the media works. I know what article will sell and I know that they know what tag lines to use to make people think and act upon it. If a news story was titled ‘Lose 2 stone in 3 days’ almost everyone would jump on it, whereas if it said ‘Lose 2 stone the healthy way’… – you get the idea.

As grown women we all grow and develop at different rates. I am 22 and have put on weight in these past few years, I can admit that, but that is the way life works. We don’t all stay the same shape, weight and clothing size (if you do.. you’re lucky) and as we grow up different areas certainly change shape. We also go through stages of eating differently, having different activities and different time schedules to work around – so don’t be so hard on yourself!

I used to work on self-scan machines and was on my feet all day with short meal times and now, I work in an office, sat on my bum, with hour long dinners and a sainsburys just around the corner to get all of the naughty treats I shouldn’t! But so what? That is how it is, and yeah I know I need to go to the gym more and I am not at my ideal weight, but is it really the end of the world?

There is nothing worse than looking at skinny people, and I mean skinny skinny people, who think they are overweight. I’ve been in situations before with tiny people, who are maximum size 8, who think they are overweight and thought to myself, what the hell do you think of me then?!


One example of this is this magazine cover that clearly has in big letters “You’re too FAT for runway”. Now, even if you don’t watch the Kardashians and don’t know who Kendall Jenner is you can clearly see she is no where near FAT like the Model Bosses apparently said. But, do we really need to know that? Just a quick example on the kinds of things we are faced with everyday.

Personally, I was at my skinniest when I wasn’t happy. I didn’t enjoy food, I was always on the move and I wasn’t myself. I am now in a relationship, love going out for tea and always have late night snacks – which I know is naughty but shhh!

In my opinion we are all who we are and we need to deal with it.

If you’re not happy, then only you can do something about it and if you are happy, then great. Don’t feel like you need to justify eating certain foods and let the world know when you go to the gym, but at the same time don’t moan at every opportunity about how ‘fat’ you are. We are all guilty of talking about our problems out loud, but that is exactly what they are, they are our problems, no one else’s.

Maybe I need to take a leaf out of my own book and follow this too and I am not saying don’t ever talk about it again, but just think before we say things out loud about weight, as others may be fighting secret battles of their own and it doesn’t help them hearing about yours.

p.s. If you want that extra slice of cake, eat it! You only live once… (sorry)





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