My Friends Are Better Than Yours…

I don’t mean to brag… but… my friends ARE better than yours.

I have friends that have been there for years, and I mean, years. I also have friends who have only been around in the past year or so, but time means nothing when the quality of friendship is high. (lame)

All friend groups go through the mill and sometimes fall apart. Trust me, we have all been there where some friends turn out to be snakes, rather than the butterflies they make themselves out to be. But one way of getting over this is to work your way through it and come out of the other side a better person. Learn from your mistakes, and learn how to realise who matters and who doesn’t.

My best friends that I am in touch with every day and have been for many years now, are Amy, Amy (two amy’s so one is Fleets to avoid confusion) and Melissa. These girls are the ones I turn to for anything I need, a laugh, a bitch and just general chat when you’ve got nothing to do.

Don’t get me wrong we have fall outs, we bicker and we probably all think “Oh my god, did she just say that?” once in a while, but these girls are the ones that are there when you need them most.


The skinny one on the end is Fleets, who I have known since I was 3. Fleets is excellent when you need to laugh at someone (sorry, but you are) and just comes out with the most random comments you couldn’t even write about. Fleets knows the most about me, and its quite worrying how much she does know. Thank god the years of making videos with my dog and being nerds in high school are gone, because I have no idea where would be now if we were still there!!

Amy, the blonde bombshell is the girl who knows everything about everyone (maybe cos her boyfriend knows everyone too ha ha) but is also the girl you need when you’re wondering what outfit to wear and with what shoes. I now work with Amy everyday and she’s there to wake you up in a morning and listen when you need a good moan about everyone and anyone.

Then there is Melissa who knows every dance move going, especially Justin Bieber – Sorry. Melissa also knows the population of Lancaster and Morecambe and is the go to girl for gossip and the current news of Lancaster nightlife. Mel was there when I was losing the plot at Uni, and was there to tuck me in at night when I couldn’t sleep on my own and always is the one to tell me to get a grip when I am having a paranoid episode (like everyday).

Then I have other friends who have been there along the way as well. Nia, who is family (although sadly not blood related) has been there since the day I was born, literally. And Zoe who is feisty, sassy and will sure as hell tell you if your outfit makes you look fat.

Although we don’t keep in touch everyday and see each other all the time, these girls are there when you need them and still have a laugh like it was yesterday. When we were all single at the same time, we were out every weekend, being silly, being sick and being hungover in Rita’s Cafe. Those times are well in the past now, which is a blessing! Trust me, we didn’t look or feel great on those morning afters….


Amazingly, all these girls have got boyfriends! ( only kidding ) It has taken a while but we made it, we’ve all got there, and I am so happy that they are all finding someone that deserves them and makes them happy. We might not get to see each other as much and we might only get together for birthdays but I know where you are, and you know where I am – probably because its either at work or in bed!

Who knows, we might end up marrying these ones and being each others bridesmaids…. the race is on!!

Then there is the friends you make at work, not just colleagues, (although Ryan would disagree, the little shit). These friends are the ones I see literally every day of the week and the ones that do my head in at the same time as making getting up at 8am everyday worth it.


(Tasha, look at your hair!!)

Ryan, Josh (who makes a cracking brew), Rob (who makes amazing cat noises), Tasha, Chantelle, Warren, Pete and everyone else in the whole office basically, really makes work fun and not just a job. From the parking in the car park, to coffee time at break, to lunch time walks into town and then the wheely chairs (don’t get me started on them) these guys know how to make you smile and laugh, even if its at yourself.

After just getting back from holiday and reading a book about Not Giving A F*ck…(blog to follow) I have learnt that your friends are the people that matter. Of course I have my all time best friend and boyfriend Phil.. who is the cherry on top, but these friends get you through the day and are there when you make a tit out of yourself.

All my other friends, you know who you are, please don’t be offended if I didn’t write about you here ( a blog can only be so long ) and my Uni friends who already have a blog post! But these are the special ones… The chosen ones!

I am a strong person, but every now and then you need someone to hold your hand and say you can do it, these guys do just that without even being asked, what more could you ask for?!


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