Life Is A Test

Sometimes I feel like life is a test. Not the tests we had in high school, like what school shoes you needed to fit in, or which hair style you could get away with. I mean the tests that make you really question how you will get to the other side of the sh*t you’re facing, without having a break down.

Essentially, we are here, on earth, to achieve something. We all have a purpose to achieve, a goal to reach and certain aims to follow, but imagine if we don’t meet them? Have we failed? Did we fail the test?

Throughout life we all face challenges we feel like we can’t overcome, we all have breakdowns (I am not one to shy away from that) and we all suffer from the tests we have to face on a daily basis. For those that get up in a morning and take everything in their stride, never panicking, never worrying and never stressing must be angels, or lying. Either way, I am jealous.

All experiences are a benefit to us, whether you like it or not, because we learn from our tests, challenges and mistakes to become better people. We build up a tolerance, not become hard faced as such, (though some of you may disagree when it comes to me) but we learn how to deal with the tests better, should they come around again because lets face it, life isn’t clean sailing and they probably will.

I suppose I am no expert on this kind of stuff but I recently read a book called “The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F–k” by Sarah Knight and it really made me look at things differently. (blog to follow)

I still have breakdowns, I still cry, I still face tests every day but now I know how to deal with them better. Usually I would hold a grudge, drag out bad moods and make those around me suffer, but I am slowly, and I mean slowly, starting to learn how to get over things. I don’t waste time on people I don’t need to, I cry and then get over it, I start everyday like a fresh start and I have ‘grown some balls’ when it comes to speaking my mind and getting what I need.

In life, if we had an easy ride with no speed bumps, would it be worth the ride? Im not sure we will ever know the truth, its a mystery really, but it is what it is and we just have to go along with it, tests and all. So next time you face a test, take a deep breath, cry if you need to and then laugh it off, because no one likes an ugly crier. *insert Kim Kardashian crying face*


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