The Dreaded 3 Letter Word… BRA

Bras... we all wear them, well, the majority of the time. We all spend fortunes on them every year and yet we all still love that feeling of taking them off at the end of the day.... so why do we do it to ourselves?! I don't think I'm just speaking for myself here when... Continue Reading →


Kiko Milano Eyeshadows

Around a year ago I headed to the Trafford Centre in Manchester and found a little shop called Kiko Milano. At the time it was crazy busy and I just didn't have the patience to look around but I did notice some really good deals on make up. I went back to the Trafford Centre... Continue Reading →

Candles, Who Doesn’t Love Them?

Anybody that knows me, will know that I love candles. Big candles, little candles, pink candles, white candles, basically anything I can burn that will smell amazing. My friends know I love them that much that recently for my 22nd birthday, I was gifted this large candle, three sets of mini candles and they all... Continue Reading →

Date Night in Manchester

There is something special about staying in a hotel. Whether the room is £49 a night or £490 a night, you still feel an element of surprise and luxury just being away from home. This element of luxury was taken to the next level when I stayed at the Raddison Blu in Manchester with my... Continue Reading →


Hey There... Whoever you may be... Welcome to this blog of random posts, debates and personal day to day goings on. Whether you have come across this blog for no apparent reason at all or you searched for it, I welcome you to read it all. As a content writer in my 9-5 job, my... Continue Reading →

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